Gifts of Canadian Nature

Gifts of Canadian Nature

Gifts of Canadian Nature

The Gifts of Canadian Nature program has ended.
Stay tuned for a new and improved program coming this summer!

Thank you for being so invested in conservation and species protection through our Gifts of Canadian Nature symbolic giving program. Your generosity has made a tremendous difference.

With every symbolic adoption, you’ve protected and restored our country’s most important natural areas and the species they sustain.

We know many of you loved this program, which is why we’re reimagining it and building it into something that will have an even greater impact on habitat conservation and endangered species protection. The Gifts of Canadian Nature has come to an end in anticipation of something even bigger and more exciting coming this summer!

We’re looking forward to sharing the details of our new program with you soon! You can be the first to know about it by signing up for our e-newsletter at natureconservancy.ca. Still want to share your love of nature with friends and family in the meantime? Send an e-card by visiting natureconservancy.ca/donate.

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